Commercial Business Photography – The reason for workplace safety

Commercial Business Photography: I was asked by Coal Services Australia to create a series of images to show a compelling reason for work pace safety. It was part of a series following a worker through a variety of scenarios at work and then showing home life and the things that are truly important that everyone wants to go home to.  These are some of the images that came from the session.

When it comes to Commercial photography, it is created with the intention of making the end user money; photography for commerce and business. A lot of commercial photography is used as advertising. 

Covering a wide range of subjects, commercial Business photography is generally anything that is intended for business use covering anything from architectural to food photography, business portraits to industrial and real estate photography.

Good commercial Business photography is required to effectively promote or sell your business products, services, people, or ethos. This is where an experienced professional commercial photographer is vital.

The end usages of photography are almost as varied as the subject matter. Websites, brochures, annual reports and advertising are just a few possible uses. Usages can extend however, into production of books, use in television programs or adverts, and even wallpaper or architectural design. View our extended post on the range of potential uses for commercial Business photography.

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