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Commercial Property Photography

Commercial Property Photography:Highlight your property in the best way possible

Why choose us.

48 hour turn around:

We value your time, which is why we’ve streamlined our process from shooting to delivery, ensuring a quick turnaround without compromising quality

Prompt Communications:

As a commercial property photographer, we ensure that our communication is as sharp and clear as our images, providing you with an exceptional service experience.

Comprehensive Service: 

From interior shots to aerial views, we provide a comprehensive package that covers all aspects of commercial property photography.


Elevate your property’s appeal with our cutting-edge aerial photography and videography services. Our advanced drones soar up to 120 meters, offering a spectacular bird’s-eye perspective that rivals traditional helicopter shots, minus the cost and complexity.

Our drones are equipped to capture high-definition visuals that will give your marketing materials an extraordinary and captivating edge. Whether it’s zooming in on intricate property details or sweeping across panoramic scenes that link your property to surrounding landmarks, beaches, and parks, our drone services provide a comprehensive view that’s sure to impress.

About Matt

I’m originally from the country and still hold those country values – I do what I say I’ll do and I show up on time.

I Grew up outside Singleton in the Hunter Valley. I worked as a mechanic, on cars and then bikes before shifting to earth moving equipment (Caterpillar) in the mining industry.

I’ve had a passion for photography since a young age and so I easily slipped into the role when I opened my first studio in 1996. Since then I’ve carried out endless projects and met plenty of awesome people.

In my first full year of business I shot over 200 portrait sessions and 35 weddings… And then things picked up. With a fresh and relaxed style and a rapidly growing list of clients work requests started coming from everywhere. I started multiple business including school photography, a modelling competition and even a Model agency.

In 2004 I switched to Commercial and Real Estate photography. Most of the projects I shoot involve creating images capturing people and assets that show their purpose, vision and culture in action.

When I am not creating images for clients… I pretty much create them for me. My other passions are motorbikes and travel (Oh and two grown up kids that I don’t get to see enough of anymore), I very often get to combine all my passions, I have travelled by motorbike and created images all over the world. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Our Mission Statement

My mission is to help you tell your story… to create effective and captivating images that ensure you and your company realise its vision. I tell stories that reflect on who you are and what you stand for by capturing your people, your assets and your values in action.

Our Values

Value Driven

I don’t do this for the money. I know I do what I do well and I charge accordingly, but it’s not about the money. My reputation hinges upon the quality of images I create and the service I provide for every client. The value of me includes two important parts 1. The value of the services I provide. 2. The value of what you become as a result. Every decision and measure is based on how well it serves my clients.

Creative Tenacity

I never rest on my last great image. I constantly improve myself so I can continue to innovate for my clients. I put high priority on my development so I am always growing, adapting, scaling, and creating.

Positivity and Transparent Collaboration

We absolutely love what we do and who we do it with. Enthusiasm and energy are two qualities we always bring to the table, and we look for clients who do the same. We collaborate transparently and share openly our processes and progress to ensure we are all focused on the same outcome. We know the success of any project is in the planning so successful collaboration is key.


I know that everything I do affects our community. I also know nothing is more important to me than my community, I live and breathe it, literally. I will never (ever) enter into any contract or agreement that negatively affect my community. It’s just not worth it

Call me directly for packages, prices and availability- 0419231133,

Please feel free to contact us for any reason via any one of the following methods

Email: click here to open your email client

Phone: 0419 231 133

Business Hours: 8am – 6:30pm M-F, 9am–2pm Sat

Snail Mail: PO Box 642, Newcastle NSW 2300

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