I have been fortunate enough to carry out Mines Rescue Photography at competitions on the surface, underground and in virtual reality scenarios. Emergency response is the primary function of Mines Rescue. As a legislated emergency service provider for the NSW coal industry, they are responsible for training and maintaining a competent brigade of rescue personnel. In the event of an incident at a mine site they provide expert advice and supply necessary equipment.

These photography projects have led to some of the most enjoyable, rewarding and also contemplative experiences in my career. When I spend days looking through a lens, focused on (pun intended) exactly what’s happening, I see what these few people are putting themselves in for. These guys and girls have put their hands up to be the ones running in, while everybody else is running out (or wishing they could). They have volunteered, practiced and trained to be the ones in harm’s way for the sake of others. 

Mines Rescue Photography

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