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It’s time to end the confusion, cut through the nonsense and discover the simple system that works with a Photography Brief Template. Forget about years of trialing methods and scripts to acquire new commercial clients when they call. I have done all that for you.

There are three problems with most photographers inquiry call response.

  1. Their system is not repeatable
  2. They don’t know what to ask so they don’t get all the information, every-time.
  3. It doesn’t inspire confidence, umms and ahhs just don’t cut it.  It doesn’t leave the client thinking they have to book you.

For a system to work it needs to be repeatable, effective, confidence inspiring and easy for anyone within your organization to use

Photography Brief Template 1

Some of our clients… they’re not huge, but they come back to us again and again. Check out or galleries.

Who this Photography Brief Template is for.

  • Professional Photographers: who don’t have a Photography Brief Template yet or feel it could be beneficial. It may help nail down their script and procedure and/or fine tune their own Photography Brief Template.
  • Inexperienced or New commercial photographers: If you don’t know what you (or they) need to know to put together a professional commercial photography proposal/costing this is definitely for you.
  • Wedding and Portrait Photographers who might like to fill up their weeks, put some variety and challenge into their career or offer commercial photography already but would like to be a bit more efficient and successful in your efforts.
  • Business owners requiring a commercial photography quote and don’t really know how to complete a photography brief. If you would like to fast track your project and get comparable estimates this is for you, it will. bring out the forward thinking, experienced and eager photographers who are capable of carrying out your project.

Who’s it not for?

I think the people who this is not for, would never find this page. If however you are a specialist photographer carrying out high end projects in a niche market you won’t need this. If you are an agency you will already know how a brief works so you won’t need it and if you are already happy with your inquiry script and your estimating process you won’t need it either.

These are just a few of the projects I have acquired using this brief template.
Check out our commissioned work here…

Photography Brief Template 4

Here’s what’s included…

  • The Brief Template: In both pdf and Microsoft Word format, all the questions you need answered. Weather you send it to them or ask them in the initial call, you get all the info you need to supply an accurate and profitable estimate.
  • Expenses Checklist: A “Possible Expenses Checklist” which lists over 100 (107) possible expenses. Never again will you suffer the cost or the embarrassment of missing an expense. This alone would make the purchase worthwhile.

The Expenses checklist includes a list of possible expenses from the following categories…

  • Fees, including usage, Post and Pre production.
  • Crew.
  • Casting/Models.
  • Insurance.
  • Travel.
  • Wardrobe.
  • Meals/Catering.
  • Miscellaneous.

Professional Real Estate Photo

Here’s the problem it fixes. A typical commercial photography inquiry usually goes like this…


  • “Hi, I am wondering how much it costs to have some products photographed?”
  • “Hi, can you tell me your half day and full day rates?
  • “Our company is building an entrance to an underground mine, and I have been told to get it photographed, how much do you charge?”

Sound familiar. As a commercial photographer in a regional city, seriously, I get this nearly every day, there is no point in expecting that they should know what to ask…


  • “I need to have all our staff photographed, they need a headshot each and a portrait sitting at their desk, how much do you charge?”

Still not enough info is it… So how do I handle these types of inquiries for commercial photography?


  • “Certainly Sir/Madam, before I am able to give you a cost estimate there are a few things I need to know, do you have a few minutes so I can ask you a bit more about your photography project?”

What happens next is usually a variation of the three following scenarios…


  • Scenario 1: Yes sure, fire away, what would you like to know?
  • Scenario 2: Well, I have a little bit of time/I can tell you the basics/ my boss didn’t tell me much more.
  • Scenario 3: No, not really can you just give me the rates.

I have been a professional commercial photographer for over 20 years, I carry out photography for all kinds of business and it seems I do something completely different each week. I used to get really annoyed with inquiries like these, but the reality is, people just don’t know what to ask, they don’t know what a commercial photographer needs to know. Being prepared and knowing what to say can turn inquiries like these, into profitable and easy bookings.

The benefits of using a Template for commercial photography briefs.

  • You appear experienced and professional. You appear to know what you’re talking about (even if you don’t), you have a list and ask all the relevant questions and cover the topics that you need to.
  • The opportunity to educate the client on what a commercial photographer needs to know. If they send every photographer the same brief it puts everyone on a level playing field and make all quotes comparable
  • You get all the information. You need to give an accurate estimate including Pre-Production, Photography, Post-Production and Delivery which means the job has a whole lot more chance of being successful with no nasty surprises for you or them.
  • You get to help the client immediately. You get to help the client in the first phone call, regardless of the scenario or final outcome. You also get to put all the photographers they call after you, on the same playing field as you.

This Photography Brief Template will cover projects like you see in my corporate, industrial and product photography galleries.

They are not huge project that take weeks, most of these take no more than a day. They are however extremely important to the clients, a great way of acquiring clients and I feel are definitely worth approaching in an organised fashion, my Photography Brief Template is the first step in being organised.

Stop losing potential clients…
Everything a commercial photographer needs for only $17.95.
Download now and get started in less than 2 minutes

(All in both .pdf and .docx format).

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