If you are after a Commercial Photography Brief Template you will find it here.


Photography Brief: the best way to ensure satisfaction

So we can tell you how much it’s going to cost, before we do it, we have to organise and plan the way it needs to be done. This is much easier if we have a decent a photography brief.

“To give an accurate estimate we need to know what, where, and when we are shooting and what medium we are shooting it for, a comprehensive photography brief is the easiest way to ensure you get the images your business needs.”

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It’s no use telling us you wanted a photo like the one on your competitor’s home page after we do the shoot (don’t laugh it happens). A professional photography brief describes the style of the images, the logistics involved and the specifications for the final image files, all in enough detail to both supply you with an accurate estimate and to carry out the photography.

Why is it important?

Differing Expectations:

Most of the time if there is a mix up or something does or doesn’t happen it is because the parties involved had different expectations. A Photography Brief makes sure everything is clear before the photography begins.

Knowledge about each other:

An experience commercial photographer will have experienced lots of different industries and we do get to see how they work generally, but just like you don’t know exactly how I work, I don’t know exactly how you work or “how it happens at your place. Things that seem logical may be a complete surprise to you or I. The brief should mean there are none of these surprises.

Logistics/Fixed Elements:

The brief will identify elements required to make the project successful. The chosen location, the time of day, the colour of the background. We plan for these things to be as we want them.


F-stops, exposure ranges, histograms and image file types. Every industry has there on technical talk. A Photography Brief will ensure we know what each other are talking about.

Who’s responsible for the photography brief?

It’s up to you to answer the questions I need to ask, I can send you a template that includes all those questions.

It doesn’t really matter what form it’s in, it doesn’t have to be a formal written document. You can simply call or email us, we will ask all the necessary questions to get the information we need and then send you our understanding of it.


I look forward to hearing from you

Matt Shearer

If you are after a Commercial Photography Brief Template you will find it here.


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