Tough environments, dirt, mud, remote locations and the darkness. Underground Mining Photography takes experience and dedication. I have been traveling to mining locations to document or tell stories for the past 20 years and am still passionate about the images I create and the opportunities I get.

Creating clear and powerful images is no easy task when you are way underground with very little light and unforgivable conditions. Being comfortable in this environment allows me to create images that are both eye catching and “real”. I tend to shy away from using flash, not only because I often can’t take it underground due to the risks involved, but it tends to over-light everything and looks totally wrong. Underground Mine Photography isn’t the most glamorous of jobs but I truly do love the challenge and the satisfaction of creating a story in such unforgiving and such an unlikely environment to create amazing images in.

Underground Mining Photography

Capturing industrial, mining and resource based projects throughout New South Wales and Australia.

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