About Me

I’m a typical country boy, with country boy values – I do what I say I’ll do and I show up on time.

Originally from outside Singleton in the Hunter Valley, I worked as a mechanic, on cars and then bike before shifting to earth moving equipment (Caterpillar) in the mining industry.

I’ve had a passion for photography since a young age and so I easily slipped into the role when I opened my first studio in 1996. Since then I’ve carried out endless projects and met plenty of awesome people.

In my first full year of business I shot over 200 portrait sessions and 35 weddings… And then things picked up. With a fresh and relaxed style and a rapidly growing list of clients work requests started coming from everywhere. I started multiple business including school photography, a model competitions and even a Modelling agency.

In 2004 I switched to industrial photography and honestly felt like I was back home!

I currently shoot mostly for clients who are involved in the mining industry. Most of the project I shoot involve creating images that capturing people and assets that show their purpose, vision and culture in action

When I am not creating images for clients… I pretty much create them for me. My other passions are motorbikes and travel (Oh and two grown up kids that I don’t get to see enough of anymore), I very often get to combine all my passions, I have travelled by motorbike and created images all over the world.  It doesn’t get much better than that 🙂

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