Photographing the Story at Robotic Systems Pty Ltd

Client: Robotic Systems Pty Ltd

Location: Newcastle

Robotic Systems is a complete systems integration engineering firm servicing a diverse range of clients across the commercial and research sectors. With eight full-time team members, they work with industry, government and start-ups to accelerate the development of projects that combine hardware and software.

Since 2012 Robotic Systems have accelerated over 30 projects and count some of Australia’s most advanced companies and research organisations as their repeat customers.

I was commissioned by Robotics System to produce images and video to show the process  each of their project goes through. Perspective clients could then immediately see their journey from the initial meeting to production.

I also created corporate headshots for the entire team, business portraits of the owner and 360 images to show the work spaces. Photographing the Story

Production Images

Headshot Portraits

Business Portraits