Wedding Photography Singleton Hunter Valley

My passion is documenting weddings in a natural, authentic way with, I guess you could say, less posed images.

I want to tell the story of your day, not just take a bunch of pictures. I tend to keep my direction to a minimum but I do jump in to ensure I get the “must have” images and to make sure you look the best you can during the bridal party photo shoot (well that’s what it is).

I have shot well over 500 weddings and I still love it.  I don’t charge the earth, I like it to be simple and affordable. Prices start around $1500 (images included) for “regular” weddings, even less for small, intimate affairs.

Use the form below to tell me about your day and I will send you a price, or we can do it the old fashioned way where you give me a call and we have a chat (my favourite). My number is 0419 231133

When will we receive our wedding photos?
Within 2-5 days from your wedding (Yes days).

Can we print our photos after we receive the USB from you?
Yes, print them and hand them out as much as you can. If you want large wall prints I would advise you to get them from me, my prints are fantastic. But hey, you do what you gotta do. I retain the right to use the images for promotional purposes.

What if our wedding runs later than expected?
You pay me to stay longer.

How many photographers will be at our wedding?
One and an assistant unless you want me to bring a “second shooter”, it does cost more.

Do you prefer natural light?
Hmmm, how about I tell you a few things I don’t like…

  • Racoon eyes: Well that’s what I call them. Subjects photographed under heavy shade or the sun high in the sky end up with really shaded eye sockets (racoon eyes). I hate that.
  • Strong back light: More light coming from behind the subject than in front. If it’s strong enough it blends fair hair, skin and light clothing into the background. Why not turn them around? Because if you turn the subject they very often are looking into the light which causes squinting. I also may not be able to get the background I want.
  • Patchy light from trees: Why any photographer would do this is beyond me, it’s right there looking horrible before you fire the shutter.
  • Organising my clients around the sun and the clouds: What! That’s right, if I only used natural light I would be at the mercy of the weather.
    Do I prefer natural light? I do, but  for your sake I am not going to depend on it. Don’t be fooled, real pros have a bag full of flashlights and know when to and when not to use them. They can shoot confidently and make beautiful images under any light condition.

Do you travel?
All wedding packages include one hour travel from Maitland, NSW. Pre wedding portrait sessions include 30 minutes travel from Maitland. (I have a studio in Newcastle and Singleton so timing it from Maitland covers both)

Can we catch up sometime?
I would love to catch up over a coffee,  at home, at the studio, or a local cafe. We do operate by appointment only.

Can you reserve the date until I pay the booking fee?
Sorry, I can’t reserve a day until the booking fee is paid and the agreement is signed.

How do we know how long we need?
I’ll tell you. You tell me what you have planned and I will tell you how long it takes. Of all the suppliers you deal with in regards to your wedding, only one sees the entire day. I have been to over 500 weddings, from the bride getting ready until at least when the bridal party arrives at the reception and sits down. If you’re going to ask someone about our timeline and how long stuff takes, ask your photographer. Before you set your timeline in stone, we should talk.

How do I book?
A $500 non-refundable booking fee and an online agreement is required before I can reserve your date. Full payment is due 2 weeks before the wedding. We accept Cash, EFT, MasterCard and Visa (Credit cards attract a 2.5% surcharge)

Are you an AIPP member?
No, I was. In my opinion they are all talk. Sure they will sign me up and take my money, I can enter their competitions if I like and display their logo, but that’s about it.  You don’t even have to be a Professional to sign up! They also accept “Emerging members” and “Enthusiasts”. That would be like the CPA (Certified Practising Accountants) accepting someone who did a few sums and had a calculator. 

Are there any additional costs to be expected after the wedding?

What kind of equipment do you use?
For weddings, I carry a couple of Nikon D750s, Nikor and Tamron Lenses, Nikon speedlights and Godox Wistros for off camera flash. I use countless other cameras for different projects D800, D300, even an old D90 (Primary school photography). I am testing a Sony mirrorless and considering the (expensive) switch.

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